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repair bubbled veneer pin

Repair Bubbled Veneer

Over the years veneer can crack, bubble, chip and peel. And while there is a variety of ways which veneer can be damaged, it can also be fixed. Repair bubbled veneer is a very handy

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Wood veneer types

Wood Veneer Types

Gosh, working with veneer has been a very steep learning curve! Which is why I couldn’t wait to share with you that I have learned so far by diving into the first part of this

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How to replace veneer banding

Replace Veneer Banding

Replace veneer edge banding is a must have skill for furniture refinishers. It is a simple, non-expensive method to up the overall finish on your piece of furniture. The veneer edging is normally the first

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How to remove damaged veneer

How to remove damaged veneer

Learning to work with veneer quickly became apparent to me when I started refinishing furniture.  Since approximately 95% of the pieces I currently refinish, are veneer, I had to get over the beginners fear of

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