Finished and sold furniture pieces.

Unleashing Furniture's Bold Soul

Gone but not forgotten

I strive to bring life back into old furniture by creating bold statement pieces. Working to inject personality and art into each piece with bold bright colours and complex patterns. I’m always on the lookout for new materials and refinishing techniques to try leading to an ever changing range of finished pieces. my sole goal is to create pieces that people will love and enjoy seeing every day in their interior spaces. Take a moment to browse through a number of my favourite pieces, and while these specific pieces have already found homes, you can also view my available pieces via my shop page.

Baby Commodo

Baby Commode Restyled

Large wooden vitrine cabinet refinished to highlight the wooden doors and perfect veneer. Display section is dark green and contains assortment of cocktail glasses.

Large Cocktail Bar – Golden Hour

Vintage cocktail bar full front hand

Small Cocktail Bar – Paint Pouring

small cocktail bar with gold details

Small Cocktail Bar – Art Deco Style

small cabinet refinished with 3d cubed design in green, purple and pink.

Small Cocktail Bar – 3d Cubes

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