Paint Pouring Furniture Makeover

Unique Furniture Pieces - What is it?

Amsterdam School style tea cabinet prior to refinishing

Paint pouring furniture was on my bucket list for 2022.  So when I found this piece, I knew it would be the piece I would attempt this new to me technique. 

I really wasn’t sure what the original purpose of this cabinet was.  The legs where long gone and the age was hard to determine.  Best guess was that it was a tea cabinet at one point. Probably made to look like the Art Deco style from the Amsterdam School


added legs to this cabinet

She's got legs!

The first step in this makeover (after the usual prep work) was to add the necessary legs. I wanted to add height to this piece. Adding legs was necessary for this piece to have practical use. 

The base itself was already sufficient for the legs to be added and a few screws later, the cabinet had the necessary legs. 

Failed Design - not all designs work

My initial design for this cabinet included a great stencil from Stencilup.  I absolutely loved the stencil and the effect it was creating. However, I had a huge failure with the stencil. I used a stencil glue which pulled up chunks of paint with it. 

Initially I was rather upset as I was so close to finishing the stencilling. But I quickly saw it as a blessing that the paint work failed now rather then later.e the chance to return to my strength of tape design. 

stencil work
the stencil glue pulled paint

Tape Design Opportunity

With my second design attempt I opted to create a simple line design.  This would be added to the inside section.  It would also be added to the two sides of the cabinet.  All three sections were painted with the wonderful rose gold from Wise Owl. It’s an absolute favourite metal paint of mine. 

If you love tape reveals, check out my Reel .

tape work

Paint Pouring Furniture - Easy Peasy

Paint pouring a piece of furniture was new to me.  While I had used this method on small canvases, I had never used the technique across a large wooden top. Inspired by a number of wonderful furniture with paint pour designs on them, I dove in.  I wanted to create the colourful marbled effect myself.

I opted to use (nearly) all Fusion Mineral paint colours and products for the paint pour. This included the pouring resin.  Fusion Mineral Paint has a very easy and durable pouring resin available.  It can be mixed with Fusion paint’s easily. It made the mixing and pouring process very simple. 

Following the directions, I only needed to add the preferred colour in a cup along with a portion of the resin.  Stir and pour! 

Fusion Pouring Resin

How much Resin do you need?

The hardest part to the whole process was the math. Specifically figuring out how much resin I required. I used the following Resin Calculator.  This made the process of determining the total volume of pouring resin that I required easier.  I then simply divided the total volume needed by the number of colours I wanted to use. 

When pouring, tape off and cover with plastic all area’s which you do not want to get resin on.  Raise your item (I used old paint cans to raise the top) on a plastic sheet and watch your socks!  I ruined a pair by getting to close to the dripping resin.  

Check out the full Reel on how to mix the colours together.  It’s just a matter of pouring the paint and resin mixes across the surface and then tilting or blowing air across the surface to blend the colours together. 

Tip: Give the Resin a couple days to dry.  I found I had a few wet patches still 2 days later and smudged a corner by not being having patience.

The Final Product!

paint poured top close up of cocktail bar top
vintage cabinet refinishing into small cocktail cabinet
paint pour top

I am overall very happy with the final product.  The paint pouring furniture pieces create a unique, marble look. In this case in colours of pink, purple and rose gold (the only non Fusion Mineral paint I used).  The colours together created an old Hollywood vibe and had I the right colours in my house, I would have considered keeping this piece for myself. 

If you are curious for more information or a more detailed guide on how-to paint pour, let me know in the comments. 


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The how to use Pouring Resin guide from Fusion Mineral Paint.


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