Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common inquiries and our services.

All furniture purchased is subject to pick up only.

If you are unable to pick up a piece, delivery in the Netherlands can be arranged through Brenger offers reasonable prices, which can be calculated in advance. I have had numerous customers use successfully. Prior to pick up, I will ensure all items are wrapped for safe transport. If you’d like more information about this process or if you’d like me to support in calculate shipping costs via feel free to email me directly at

You have the right to cancel your order or return the item up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason. Should you choose to return the item, the item should be returned within 14 days from the confirmation of the return request.  Any costs occurred in returning the product; including any delivery costs are at your own account. The piece must be returned with all accessories supplied and – if possible – in its original condition and packaging.

In order to initiate a return, you can contact me via I will refund the original price (excluding delivery costs) within 14 days after receiving the return.

If you are interested in a piece and wish to view it to ensure it is the right item for your space, please email me directly at Please include the dates and times that you wish to view the piece in person. I recommend always viewing a piece and there is no commitment to purchase.

I only restyle vintage furniture which has been lovingly saved from being forgotten, outdated and eventually thrown away. Vintage Furniture already has a history and years of memories behind it. Due to the age of the pieces used there is no warranty offered on the furniture and refurbishing work.  All furniture sourced is chosen for its original condition and any necessary repairs are made to prolong the years the piece can continue to be used. It is recommended that you view a piece prior to purchase, and should any problems occur with a product within a reasonable length of time, you can contact me at  I am open to discuss possible solutions for any issues that may have occurred. 

Please note: wood is sensitive to heat and moisture and will dry over the years, crack or fall out of style.  Nearly all issues can be repaired or restyled.  Should you require support in any matter related to repairs or restyling, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

To ensure your piece stays in excellent condition, please follow these tips:

  • Clean with mild soap/detergent – no corrosive / abrasive products
  • Remove unwanted marks using a slightly damp lint-free cloth.  Do not leave water on the surface.
  • Avoid all contact with furniture polishes, sprays and waxes on painted surfaces.
  • It is splash proof but make sure to mop up any excessive water and alcohol and use coasters for under glasses and bottles and ensure plant pots are watertight. 
  • Avoid exposing the pieces to extreme heat or cold as well as humidity as wood can expand and contract.

With most purchases you will receive a small care kit of the paints used.  This care kit is to support you over the years with any small scratches you may need to repair. The most common location for scratching is where there is frequent friction such as the doors or drawers. Should this occur add dab of the paint to cover the scratch and allow to dry before adding the provided topcoat.  If you have any questions related to how to use the paint or other items, please send me an email at