Elevate your space with a Simple Tray

A Tray as home accessory

It’s hard to believe but you can elevate your space with a simply tray.

I love making use of trays as a key accessory in my home décor. The potential uses and affects a tray can have as an accessory is endless, as they are great for organizing small items, showcasing a collection or simply tying a room together. The right tray can elevate your décor a step further by becoming a focal point itself.

Simple tray with Décor
organize your collections with a simple tray

Let's Start Simple

Trays are a shallow platform designed usually for the purpose of carrying things. The tray most used in our home is for bringing
coffee or breakfast upstairs on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s a plain tray, which
spends most of its time hidden away in a cupboard, ashamed of the coffee stains
littering it.

However, you don’t need to settle for the boring run of the mill trays anymore as  they come in all sizes and shapes, colours and materials. There is a tray, or three available for every home style. 

Silver Tray can elevate your home as a focal point
Silver Tray

Showcase your collections

Trays are an excellent way to display and organize small objects, whether they are cherished trinkets or larger items.

In fact, they can be used to present almost any decorative piece or accessory in your home. For example, if you have a collection of candles or small vases that you want to keep together, a tray will work well for this purpose. Simply place the items, preferably in odd number groups (more on this in another blog posting) on the tray and display them on the coffee table or that open shelf.

Another example of using a tray to hold a collection of items; place commonly used dinner items such as your pepper and salt shaker, napkins and oil and vinegar bottles and showcase them on a simple tray on the dining table. Becoming both easily accessible and movable when needed. 

elevate your collections by showcasing on a tray

Small Accent, Huge Difference

If you’re looking to add some inspiration, a dash of colour or to highlight a pattern in your space, trays
are an easy and affordable way to do it. Think a small marble serving tray on a warm wood surface. A bold patterned tray, holding neutral candle sticks, or my favourite a wooden tray to hold your copper cocktail shaker and other tools of the trade.

There are so many options out there that it’s hard not to feel inspired by them! 

For a wonderful example of a personalized tray which can provide an extra boost to your home décor, check out the below examples from Nicole of The Vintage Vibe.  You can find Nicole’s unique work on Instagram. While the wonderfully retro trays are currently a part of a pleasant surprise for clients, as a Thank You for making a purchase, they sure would bring a punch of colour and pattern to a home wanting to experiment with both. No better example of elevating your space with a simple tray.

Trays by The Vintage Vibe
Trays by The Vintage Vibe
Unique Trays from The Vintage Vibe (Left, Center, Right)
Trays by The Vintage Vibe

Understanding the versatility and impact of trays as an accessory to your home decor, how will you add them to your home?  To organize your space, add a decorative element, or even serve as a way to add some interest in your decor? With so many different options available today, it’s hard not to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Colourful Trays to showcase your collections

Looking to add more accessories to your home?  Consider adding fool proof plants that require next to no light.

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