Decoupaging with Wallpaper – Fun, Foxy Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been in awe of the gorgeous decoupage with wallpaper work showcased by a variety of talented furniture refinishers. It permits the ability to include prints which you could not easily paint on a piece of furniture by hand. 

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Before - The original Cabinet

I picked up this pretty marble topped cabinet from a local second hand store.  The cabinet itself was filthy and the cabinet was looking outdated. 

I immediately envisioned a fun print on the doors, side panels and even on the back of the cabinet.  The flat panels would be ideal to add a wallpaper decoupage smoothly on. 

Original marble top cabinet prior to refinishing

Choosing a Print

I spent some time looking at a wide range of wallpapers, searching for something fun, bright and a pattern which would fit in the space on the panels of the cabinet. 

When I came across the Hide and Seek Wallpaper from Harlequin I knew I had found the one!

I was in love with the foxy fox and the bright colours throughout the pattern. 

Hide and seek wallpaper from harlequin with a foxy fox

Paint colour options

I played around with paint options for awhile.  Due to the vibrant colours in the wallpaper, I knew I could go with blues, greens or even coral colours.   

I opted for a yellow which matched the flowers and butterfly wings.  This colour was chosen as I wanted a colour that was limited on the wallpaper to ensure that the colour popped on the cabinet!

Souq from boost paint

Finding the right mustard yellow took a bit of searching for.  I opted in the end to use a Dutch Paint called Boost in the colour Souq.  It is an all-in-one paint that is sold locally.  

The paint felt oily when using it, however it is a water based paint that had good coverage and was the exact shade I was looking for.

Structural Changes

The cabinet was in good structural shape and required little to no repairs. 

The only challenge was the hardware was outdated and simple.  And as with most old hardware, the holes did not fit the modern hardware sizes. 

Therefore, I opted to wood fill the holes and sand until smooth.  

filling old hardware holes
sanding wood filler

Drilling New hardware Holes

I won’t lie, drilling new hardware holes is one of my least favourite tasks.  The nerves and worry of messing up the holes or ending up with a crooked handle, can wreak with my confidence. 

In order to avoid messing up the new hardware holes, I make use of the Kreg Hardware Jig.  With a bit of measuring and a quick double check, you can drill holes that are level and the right size.

Kreg hardware jig for correct placement of holes
Drilling new furniture hardware holes

Wallpaper Decoupage Process

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the decoupage process.  This project was prior to the blog and photos were not high on my mind.  

That being said, the process itself was surprisingly easy.


First things First in Decoupaging with Wallpaper

Decoupaging is similar to all furniture refinishing.  You want to prep by cleaning and sanding lightly.  

I also recommend considering paint the edges that will come close to the wallpaper.  As once you have wallpapered, it can be hard to paint along the edges. 

Adding your Glue

You will attach your piece of wallpaper (have it pre-cut slightly larger then the area you will cover) with standard white glue.  Think Elmers or PVA Glue. You do not need any fancy glue to attach your wallpaper.   

Attach your Wallpaper

Add your wallpaper starting along one of the edges and work smoothing it out across the surface.  Working from one direction to the otherside, I smoothed out with a wallpaper scrapper. 

When fully attached allow the glue to dry and then using a sharp work knife, cut along the edge of the wallpaper using a ruler or other object to guide your knife for a sharp edge. 

close up of decoupaging with wallpaper on furniture

Top Coating your Wallpaper Decoupage

I opted to top coat the wallpaper with a product made specific for decoupage.  Polyvine produces some of my favourite top coats and they have a special Decorators Varnish that is made to top coat wallpaper.  

This product can be added with a paint brush or sponge and added just like any other top coat.  I added three coats on all sections with wallpaper to ensure that the wallpaper would be protected and could be cleaned with a damp cloth if needed.

polyvine decorators varnish for topcoating wallpaper decoupage

Top Coat

While Boost Paint does not require a top coat, I always opt for additional top coats to ensure durability for a long time to come.  I turned towards my favourite top coat from Polyvine, their Wax Finish Varnish.  This is a water based varnish with creates a look of the satin wax finish. 

If you have not tried this product yet, you have to remedy that.  Its so incredibly easy to use, with a near perfect finish each time. 

This is not an affiliate post but hey, Polyvine if you wish to work together, reach out!

Finishing Touches

The wood within the cabinet was looking rather dry, so I opted to use Wise Owl Wood Salve which if you know, you know.  It breaths life back into the wood, leaving it look conditioned.

The marble top itself was in good condition with only a small chip on the side missing.  It did however need a few good scrubs to get the years of dirt off.  I used a mild soap and soft scrub brush to clean the top.

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Final Outcome

furniture with wallpaper decoupage
furniture makeover with wallpaper decoupage

The final result of this furniture makeover was a fun, bright, cabinet fit for any child’s bedroom.  The wallpaper decoupage gave it a unique look I could never have achieved with paint alone. 

This cabinet ended up exactly where it should. A family took it home, whom were expecting their second addition to the family. They want for a fun cabinet that could be used as a changing station initially and grow to be a storage area for toys in the future. 

finished marble top decoupaged cabinet

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