Decorating with versatile Greens

Green is a great choice to decorate with.  Firstly, the range of green shades is vast from tones beginning in the very light, nearly white spectrum to the rich deep dark greens.  It’s a colour which many find calming, creates feelings of peace and tranquillity as it can invoke the outdoors inside. For those searching for a way to feel grounded and at home in your space, look no further then Green.  

Nearly all shades of green pair well with colours in the neutral spectrum.  Think creams, whites, beiges and soft pastel colours.  There is also the possibility to pair deeper shades with jewel tones of orange, purples and deep rich browns.  You really cannot go wrong with using green in your home.  Let’s check it out. 

Romantic Shades of Green

By bringing the colour of nature into your home, you can create a wide range of atmospheres in your space.  Let’s start with the romantic feelings you can create with lovely soft greens.  Think of colours such as Eddy by Farrow and Ball; which is a lovely shade of green bordering on the pastel with faint grey undertones. This shade and other’s similar  lend the softness required to  create romantic, feminine spaces. 

Take this shade a step further by pairing it with soft pinks,  warm yellows and creamy neutrals.  The room will be reminiscent of an English garden. 


Eddy a soft green shade from farrow and ball
Eddy by Farrow and Ball
wallflower wallpaper from graham and brown
Wallflower Day Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

Bright and Energetic Shades of Green

When spring arrives and the first tiny leaves and the first tiny leaves appear; the world springs forward with the brightest shades of green.  The fresh buds are such a bright green that they create an almost yellow in tone, clustering on the branches.  This shade of green is often referred to as Lime Green and it brings the same renewed energy to your interior space. 

It can be overwhelming as your main colour (read further about main and secondary colours) in a smaller space.  So consider using lime green as a secondary or accent colour to bring in pops of energy.

Matcha Tea Green from Graham and Brown
Matcha Tea Green from Graham & Brown

Moody, Deep Greens

I personally am a lover of deep, dark jewel tones.  Dark greens invoke feelings of old Hollywood glamour.  Furthermore, when paired with soft vintage golds it lends perfectly to an Art Deco style drink cabinet.  As showcased below, you can see it’s one of my go to colour pairings.

small cocktail bar with gold and green details
art deco refinished cocktail bar with ornate veneer
Art Deco style Cocktail Bars
curved, art deco style cocktail bar

The deep green colours are definitely a bold statement.  In my personal spaces I have used green deep green shades in a kitchen and laundry room.  Both have had very unique final looks.  For the kitchen I combined the deep emerald green with gold, natural wood and neutral whites and grey.   

The laundry room I wanted something rather fun and playful.  The dark green cabinets  where combined again with wood and burnt orange.  To tie in the overall room I added a fun retro wall mural in 4 shades of green from dark to lighter. 

For those concerned that it may be too strong for their space, should consider including it in smaller doses.  It works well as an accent colour in a neutral scheme. Consider adding this rich tone into your space through rugs, pillows, a throw blanket and other accessories.  Include a statement cocktail bar to tie the space together.

Deep green kitchen
70's inspired wall mural in shades of muted green. burnt orange carpet covers most of the hardwood floor.

So much Choice

There are so many options to decorate your space with the versatile shades of green.  While we explored three different shades of green there are so many more options available to you.  Consider  mixing your neutrals in combination with deep green plants.  Take it a step further and develop a rustic oasis even in the middle of the city.  

What about the lovely Mediterranean greens like olive or a turquoise green?

I would love to hear what shades of green are your favourite to decorate with, let me know in the comments. 

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