Colours – Navy

If you have seen been in my home, you will notice that I love the rich, deep colour of Navy. It is such a versatile colour, moody, classic that pairs well with everything. I found it to be the perfect shade to update my home’s interior and to create a timeless feeling, with rich colour without being over the top or outdated quickly.  It’s a hard colour to get wrong and perfect for an budding home interior stylist.

Retro Pillow Covers

Navy is a bold colour that remains neutral in nature.  It can pair well with other bright and bold colours, or be paired down and used to create depth when paired with other traditional neutrals in shades of white or creams. This makes it a wonderful choice for those searching for a contrasting dark colour to their neutral décor but are hesitant to use shades of grey or black.

It is a colour that can combine well with nearly any other colour that you choose. Really!

Try matching it against any colour you love and you will be surprised how well navy will go with it. The reason for this is because Navy has a neutral element within itself. It helps to bring out the neutral element within other colours as well as tone down bright colours that might otherwise clash with your scheme.

Navy Blue wall with accent mustard yellow
Navy, Mustard Yellow and White Wall.

Navy Furniture

While I love experimenting with colour in my furniture refinishing, navy remains a a go to colour for me.  It’s my choice for when I want to generate a sense of classic and timelessness with a piece of furniture.  I often turn to the shade Midnight Blue from Fusion Mineral Paint, however there are so many gorgeous shades of navy blue available to pick from on the market.

These dark blue shades pair well with all wood tones, from light to dark, however, my favourite is this blue against wood with a red undertone.  Therefore it is no wonder that my navy pieces often end up being my quickest sellers. 

Navy Blue furniture paint
Buffetkast restyled

Examples of Navy (Midnight by Fusion Mineral Paint) combined with wood.

As mentioned, there are so many options to pair Navy with.  It really depends on what is your overall goal. 

Is it to create an eye-catching contrast between the classic colour and something bold?  Or do you wish to go create a softer, neutral space where Navy is your depth creator?

My favourite colours to use with Navy are red’s, deep oranges and mustard yellows.  However, as I myself am not ready to commit to a bright, bold space and love a room where we can wind down in the evenings as a family, I have paired these colours with a stark white and creams. 

The balance works well for our space.  What about yours?


Navy Blue pairings

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