Vintage Theatre Chairs – Refinished for Modern Elegance

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Vintage Theatre Chairs – Refinished for Modern Elegance

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Price €225


🌟 Overview
Experience the ultimate blend of vintage charm and modern elegance with these beautifully refinished vintage theatre chairs. Once a part of bustling theatres, these seats have been meticulously restored to serve as a timeless addition to your home.  Don’t worry the Gum has all been removed!

🎭 Why They’re Special

  • Vintage Origin: Authentic theatre chairs that bring a touch of history to your space.
  • Modern Elegance: Finished with a delicate balance of whitewashed wood and contrasting black seats.
  • Durability: Vintage built and Top Coated for added Durability.
  • Unique Hardware: Outfitted with tasteful, original hardware to keep the soul of the chairs alive.
  • Swing Seats: Fully functioning swing seats add a touch of whimsy and functionality.

🛋️ Perfect For

  • Hallway Sitting: Make the most of your corridors with these narrow-profile seats.
  • Nook and Corners: Instantly elevate the ambiance of any cozy nook in your home.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for reading corners, dressing rooms, or as unique living room chairs.

🌿 Eco-Friendly and Safe
These chairs are refinished using low-VOC paints, ensuring that they are not only stunning but also safe for your home and the planet.

📐 Dimensions

  • Height: 87 cm
  • Width: 104 cm
  • Depth: 49 cm with seat up
  • Depth: 60 cm with seats down

📧 Contact
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Add a touch of elegance and storytelling to your home with these vintage theatre chairs. They are not just seats; they are pieces of history refined for modern living. Reserve them Today.

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