Vintage Stonehill British Drinks Cabinet

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Vintage Stonehill British Drinks Cabinet

Categorie(s): Large Drinks Cabinet
Price €1495


🍸 Overview
Raise a glass to sophistication with this exquisitely restored Stonehill drinks cabinet. Each curve and corner tells a story of the past, now revived with a modern twist for the discerning connoisseur.

🎨 Artfully Restored

  • New Walnut Veneer: The cabinet’s surface is adorned with brand-new, rich walnut veneer, embracing the luxury of vintage woodwork.
  • Glossy Top Coat: A high-gloss top coat not only provides robust durability but also invites the light to dance across its surface.
  • Matte Black Contrast: We’ve introduced a flat matte black finish to key areas for that contemporary contrast that makes the walnut truly pop.

🛠️ Authentic and Unique

  • Original Hardware: All the fittings are the original pieces, adding authenticity to its charm.
  • Internal Drink Cabinet: Features the original glass serving shelf to display your collection in style.
  • LED Light Feature: A new, rechargeable LED light with a choice of warm or bright white casts an inviting glow, easy to remove and power up as needed.
  • Drawers: All three drawers have new felt in antique dark green.

🏡 Perfect Home Addition
This Stonehill drinks cabinet isn’t just furniture—it’s a centerpiece that promises to add a vibe to your living space as the highlight of your lounge for those heartwarming gatherings.

📏 Dimensions

  • Height: 93 cm
  • Width: 138 cm
  • Depth: 55 cm

🏡 Who It’s Perfect For

  • The Entertainer: For the host with a penchant for luxe gatherings and the art of the aperitif.
  • The Style-Conscious Homeowner: Someone who appreciates a blend of vintage vibes with modern sensibilities.
  • The Collector: Aficionados of unique, storied pieces that spark conversation and admiration.

🔋 LED Light Details

  • Rechargeable, with USB cable included.
  • Two light settings: warm white for ambiance, bright white for functionality.
  • Can be set to be motion activated

📧 Contact
Intrigued? Want to know more? Email us at to claim this piece of reimagined history for your home.

Embrace the elegance of yesteryears with a contemporary edge. This Stonehill drinks cabinet is more than an item of furniture; it’s a statement. Contact us to make it yours. 🌟

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