Vintage Oak Drink Trolley – Timelessly Refinished

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Vintage Oak Drink Trolley – Timelessly Refinished

Categorie(s): Small Drinks Cabinet
Price €145


Dive into the elegance of yesteryear with our latest piece – a fully refinished vintage oak drink trolley. This piece, reminiscent of a classic trolley sans wheels, brings the sophistication of antique furniture right into the modern era. Swipe through to see the unique vintage charm!

🌟 A Timeless Restoration

Once hidden under layers of paint, this oak drink cabinet has been lovingly restored to showcase its original wood. The journey from painted to polished was meticulous, but the result? Simply stunning. The cabinet now wears a liming wax finish, highlighting its antique look and bringing out the oak’s natural charm. A clear wax application, once a year on frequently used areas will keep it’s charm and durability for years to come.

🛠️ Designed with Elegance and Functionality

  • Liming Wax Finish: Adds a protective layer and a subtle, white-washed effect that enhances the wood’s grain, giving it a soft, antique feel.
  • Pull-Out Shelf: Need more space for your mixology magic? The pull-out shelf provides that extra room you need when mixing drinks, making it as functional as it is beautiful.
  • Detachable Serving Tray: The top includes a separate serving tray, perfect for hosting and serving guests with ease and style.

🏡 Perfect For

  • The Entertainer: Who loves to impress guests with both their mixology skills and their taste in decor.
  • The Antique Lover: Seeking a piece with history, personality, and a story to tell.
  • The Space Saver: Looking for a multifunctional piece that looks great and works hard.

💡 Why It’s Unique

This isn’t just a drink cabinet; it’s a conversation starter. Without the clutter of wheels, it serves as a stable and striking addition to any room, offering a blend of nostalgia and utility.


Height 80cm

Length 69.5 cm

Depth 47 cm

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of history, beautifully restored for today’s lifestyle. This vintage oak drink cabinet is waiting to be the highlight of your next gathering.  Send an email or fill in the contact form to reserve today!

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