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Starting a rfurniture refinishing business
Refinishing Business

6 things to consider before starting a Furniture Refinishing Business

I often get asked for advice on starting a furniture refinishing business.  In fact, the questions I get asked the most fall into the business side of refinishing.  Until now I haven’t really shared any …

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5 things to consider before buying vintage
Refinishing 101

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Vintage Furniture

Are you a fan of vintage furniture and love the charm and character that it brings to a space?  If so, you are part of a growing group as vintage furniture has become increasingly popular. …

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Sourcing vintage furniture
Refinishing 101

A Guide to Sourcing Vintage Furniture in the Netherlands

Since you are reading this blog, I assume that you have an interest in vintage furniture. Maybe you are searching for a single piece to elevate your home décor. Or are you searching for multiple …

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