Blue Nightstand Makeover

Blue Nightstand Makeover

Sarah Stahl
Sarah Stahl
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In the summer of 2022 I was commissioned finish a nightstand makeover. The request was to create a pair of nightstands for new home owners.  

We worked together to pick the vibrant based colour, the stencil and stencil colours.  I had my standard 3 weeks to work on the project, the timeline I require for basic commission work.

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Nightstand Makeover requires Nightstands

For this project I already had the perfect nightstands available for refinishing.  These matching Bevan Funnell End Tables also worked as perfect nightstands.  Due to their height they would be able to stand up nightly next to a box spring.  

Vintage Nightstands often are short in comparison to modern bed heights.  Its the reason why desks are being repurposed to nightstands.Bevan

Reprodux Makers Mark
Nightstand Makeover from Reprodux Furniture

These Bevan Funnell End Tables had mahogany flame or crotch figured veneer

The top had the original leather which was no longer in great condition and was peeling away.

Bevan Funnell is a UK Business established in 1945 and continues to operate today.

Creating a Design

The customers and I discussed their preferred colours.  This started by considering what colours their current bedroom furniture is and what colours they were planning in their new home. 

Their main colours were blue and they wanted soft contrasting colours with a pattern.

With blue being high on the list, I provided samples of the blues that would match their ideals and we settled upon the beautiful Atonic Blue from Wise Owl Paints in their One Hour Enamel.

Picking a base paint colour

With blue being high on the list, I provided samples of the blues that would match their ideals and we settled upon the beautiful Atonic Blue from Wise Owl Paints in their One Hour Enamel.

One Hour Enamel Paint is incredibly lovely paint.  It’s durable and quick drying.  

It does take a little practice working with this paint, as it requires thin, layers to avoid brush strokes.  

Furthermore, it is not Low in VOC.  So ensure you use your respirator when working with the One Hour Enamel products. 

Choosing A Stencil

We opted to use a stencil, which would be used in the circle which once had leather in it.  I offered multiple stencils to choose from and the winning pick was Retro Drops from Stencil Up in the UK. 

I struggle with stencils but love the stencils from Stencil Up.  They are great quality and come in fabulous patterns. 

Retro Drops from Stencil Up

Stencil Colours

I provided the clients with 4 different colour options to choose from for the final colour and they opted for the soft tones of blue and green.  I used  Little Whale and Bellwood from Fusion Mineral Paint.  

The Final Results

Blue nightstand makeover in atomic blue
Blue Nightstand Makeover
Classic blue nightstands

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