Add Colour to your Home like an expert.

Just moved into your new home and finding those white walls overwhelming?  No clue how to create a colour scheme? Gone to the paint store and stared at the hundreds of colour options available? Maybe you have a favourite colour in mind but then what? What colour of couch should you get? What about the rug, or accessories?  It’s overwhelming and I have been there. Avoiding making a decision and opting for a neutral, Scandinavian look rather than the colourful interior to reflect who you are.

Creating and implementing a colour scheme in your space shouldn’t be daunting. It can be simplified to a few small decisions.  Choose 3 colours and implement the 60/30/10 rule as a starting point. This easy concept works by using three different proportions of colour to balance out your interior space.  It’s simple in its genius.

60% - The main colour

The dominant colour is the one that makes up 60% of your space. It is usually the colour that you will use on the walls (and ceiling if you are brave enough to paint it).  You can also tie this colour into the rest of the room through large anchor pieces. This could be your couch or an area rug for example.


Living room in shades of dark blue and yellow accent colour
The main colour is dark blue with yellow being the secondary colour.

30% - The secondary colour

The next colour you will add to the room is half the volume of the main colour.  It is best to consider this colour for accent chairs, or the bed spread.  It could also be used as an accent wall or pull it through into your drapery and light fixtures.  The 30% is used to add interest in your room and create depth in comparison to the main colour. 

When choosing your secondary colour, think to find a complement to your main colour rather than a bold contrast.   These two colours should blend into the space with just enough visual interest to help move your eyes around the room.

living room with blue couch and draps. Wood floor and walls
Natural wood is the main colour on the floors and walls

10% - The Accent colour

The final 10% is what will bring the excitement into your room.  This is your accent colour.  The wow factor! You can go bold and contrasting to your first two colours.  As it is the smallest portion of colour, you can use it for accessories, art, throw pillows or a blanket.  

Dining room with blue chairs and white bookcase and wood floors
The chairs match the couch (previous photo) to draw the secondary colour throughout the room.

Expand the rule

When you are first starting out with picking a colour scheme it can be overwhelming, trying to strike the right balance with your colours within a space.  The simple rule of 60/30/10 helps to ease your decision-making process.

It will even work when considering using patterns. For instance, when choosing fabrics for furniture pieces, curtains or cushions, try using this method as a starting point. 

When you feel that you have gotten a grasp on this rule, try expanding it’s use beyond 3 colours.  What if you replaced the 30% colour with a pattern?  Or if you introduced a 4th colour for additional accent and went 60-20-10-10?  When you settle on your colour scheme and determine the proportions you will follow, the room will come together like magic.

Curious to dive into colours now? Check out my series diving deeper into specific colours every month and how to use them within your home. 

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a living room with a retro vibe accentuated by burnt orange colour
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