6 Easy Tape Design Ideas for Painting Furniture

Simple tape designs make a big difference

In the world of patterns, there are so many different designs to choose from.  Many have been used to create stunning tape designs and while some designs appear simple and easy to re-create, others appear beyond difficult. I want to share 6 easy Tape Design Ideas for Painting Furniture, which you can use to level up your furniture refinishing game.

This article is to share patterns which you can attempt to recreate.  I myself practice new patterns on pine wood boards of 50cmx50cm.  After I feel comfortable with a pattern, I will then sand the board and start a new pattern.  By practicing on a board, you can iron out all the issues and design difficulties before moving to your piece of furniture.

Tape Design Ideas for Painting Furniture

Stripe Pattern


The best place to start when using tape in your designs is with Stripes. Now I know that you are thinking…. Stripes?  How dull.  Stripes are just simple lines. Not at all! You can make use of the simple stripe in so many ways.

Horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Single colour or multiple colours. Various thicknesses of the stripes to create variation between lines.

The easiest method to create stripes is by laying lines of tape and using tape as a spacer between each line. For an example check out my Reel.

Rainbow pride colours across a cabinet
Close up of vintage end tables refinished with retro blue tape design and stain

Examples of Stripes – tape design ideas for painting furniture.

sun burst design is made from the stripes pattern

Sun Burst - Stripes

An easy pattern to recreate by using stripes. The traditional sunburst usually requires a circle or oval pattern from which the stripes expand out from. However, you could forego the centre point and simply have all stripes meet at a central point. The stripes can remain a single size from origin to end.  Or you can create additional wow by having the stripes expand in size as they extend from the origin.

Rainbow pride colours across a cabinet, in a sunburst form
Gate leg table refinished with sunburst tape design. Completed with Wise Owl OHE paint

Examples of Sunburst – tape design ideas for painting furniture.

Chevron tape design


Chevron is a classic pattern that normally is shown as a repetitive pattern. But what is, you adjusted the depth and lengths of the angle to create different looks to your chevron pattern.  Similar to the use of stripes, you can adjust the size of the lines, the gap between lines and the distance between angles.

herringbone pattern tape design


Herringbone is a pattern of diagonal lines that can be used to create a modern and stylish design. The easiest way to tape out the herringbone design requires 2 colours; a base colour(or natural wood) and the colour for the blocked sections.  Firstly lay down the base colour and allow time to fully dry.  Then lay out the tape.  I started my wall mural by measuring out and taping the vertical lines.  After which I added the slanted lines connecting the whole mural.  Don’t forgo the step to seal the tape with the base colour or clear top coat.  This helps to minimize any bleeding of paint under the tape.  

Herringbone tape design
Example of Herringbone tape design on a wall
square tape design


Firstly, decide how you will tackle this pattern. If you decide to paint the whole section with 1 of your chosen colours and then tape out the squares for the second colour only.  The other option is to tape out the first colour paint and then tape out the second colour.  This is a slightly harder method to start with, as it requires multiple tape sessions and cutting. There is also the chance for gaps between colours if you do not line up the tape to the painted edge perfectly. 

Ensure you use a ruler to measure and determine where the lines should go and for best effect, all lines should be evenly spaced. 

Important Note: If you opted for the second method of painting each colour separate; the first tape needs to be laid in the section for the second colour. This ensures so that you can fully paint the square you create for the first colour.

Argyle tape design pattern


Argyle is a pattern best made up of a minimum of two colours. It’s similar to the square pattern, in that it requires two colours (or natural wood) and can require that you reapply tape in multiple sections.

I hope you feel inspirated by these six patterns. There are so many ways you can incorporate the patterns into your furniture refinishing projects or other diy projects. Once you start experimenting, you will be surprised with how quickly you will want to adjust and tweak the patterns, creating a unique design element that stands out and creates wow factor.  

For more information on tape designs, tips for beginner tape designs and examples, follow my Instagram account. 

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